The Scourge Of Leftism

Leftism: A preference for ideas above consequence.

Invariably these views are of the Green Left, reflected in climate alarmism, asylum-seeker activism, and gay marriage advocacy.

But the moral exhibitionists went unseen and unheard when hundreds upon hundreds of so-called asylum seekers — men, women and children — were drowning.

This is the Leftist mantra. They exhibit tunnel vision, moral posturing and exaggerated concern for social justice.

Leftists have no values or beliefs, other than retaining power and trashing anyone who disagrees with them.

A huge problem is the Leftist indoctrination of our universities. The sad students are indoctrinated past the point of being brainwashed. They are 101% convinced that left-of- centre government is perfect in every way, and that right-of-centre government is thoroughly despicable. They are so closed minded that any reasonable discussion is not possible.

“Their” ABC has become complicit in this Leftism. It’s an unbalanced and centralised public broadcaster that has become a protection racket for the Left ideology.

And too often the ABC has a sneering attitude to mainstream views — often denounced as ill-informed, denialist, selfish or xenophobic. They’re running an underhand campaign of censorship and vilification that is determined to remove all traces of conservative thought from public life.

Can someone explain how Leftists are thought of as the intelligencia or elite? The terms are not justified and I can only assume were self imposed. Self importance and prestige are certainly characteristics, but intellectual superiority is not.

These Leftists know not what they do; their sense of moral outrage overcomes their minimal intelligence and foresight. The unfortunate thing is that we all have to live with the consequences.


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