The Transgender Restroom Nonsense

Restrooms have become a huge political battleground in America. In the past few months, the country has been in hysterics over where transgender people can pee.

The Obama administration started the rot by sending out guidelines telling federally funded schools that civil rights protections require them to allow trans students to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity. It has ballooned from there into all areas of public life.

Barack Obama has the dubious distiction of being the first president to put a man in a women’s toilet.

How did the US get to a point where toilets, out of all things, are at the centre of the country’s culture wars?

Sensible thinking is that men will disguise themselves as trans women to sneak into women’s bathrooms and sexually assault women. The Left call this a right-wing myth. But that’s typical of the irrational and insane behaviour of progressives.

If you’re like most ordinary people, you look at the picture on the toilet door to guide you toward the appropriate toilet. A person in pants on the left. A person in a dress on the right. If you’re a woman, it’s irrelevant that you have a vagina, are wearing jeans and can’t recall the last time you donned a triangle dress to a dinner party. You know to hang a right, while men go left. The signage isn’t literal, it reveals how culture wants your gender to look. It reveals what door it wants you to walk through.

The restroom is a bastion of segregation. It’s where we sort people. Enter the Target boogeyman.

Target recently suffered a $10 billion stock crash when millions of people boycotted their stores caused by the company’s transgender friendly policies. Target’s stock has fallen 20 percent — from $84 per share to $67 per share — since it imposed the pro-transgender policy on its customer base of families.

The left-leaning company announced on April 19 that it would allow men claiming to be women to use the women’s bathrooms and changing rooms at its stores. The decision has sparked a boycott petition effort that garnered over 1.2 million signers in only a week.

Imagine this scenario being played out in a transgender restroom:

“Can you take it out for me and point it towards the urinal? My hands are full with all my shopping.”

“Sure. Oooh, that’s a biggie!”

“You’re probably the last woman to see it, I’m having a snip and tuck next week.”

“I’m a man in a woman’s body, and I’m having a sex change operation myself shortly. Would your doctor be able to save your penis for me?”


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