Being Offended Is A National Pastime

Why are so many people so easily offended by everything these days?

“Being offended” has turned into a national pastime.

People seem to put a lot of effort into getting thoroughly pissed over the smallest, most insignificant thing that really has no effect on them at all.

We love to get offended more than we love eating a big Mac, or buying a new car. If being offended was an Olympic sport, we’d grab the gold, silver, and bronze every time. If it was a job, we’d all be millionaires.

We’ve become humourless, over-censored, painfully serious, so-very-privileged, obnoxiously educated, hypocritical members of the bourgeois, who can’t take a single fucking joke.

Every week there are dozens of new national outrages and boycott campaigns and social media crusades to raise awareness about some offensive thing, or to cause someone to lose their job for saying something that’s deemed offensive.

Jerry Seinfeld recently stopped performing in front of students because “everything offends them”.

I think it’s because our world is becoming more and more tailored to people having their hands held all the time. Everyone gets a trophy, everyone is a perfect little snowflake, and everyone can be offended by the smallest things. Even things that have nothing in the slightest to do with them.

People look for reasons to be mad or offended because it makes them feel like they are different or superior in some way.

Those are the same kind of people that scream for “tolerance”. As long as you don’t disagree with them, they tolerate you. Otherwise, they’re just as intolerant, and no different than a religious extremist.

I’m of the opinion that if you treat your religion like your penis, then that’s okay with me. Love it, cherish it, treat it well, but don’t wave it around in public. If I wanted to see it, I’d ask.

The world has gone stark staring mad (although I’d better not use that word in case I offend people who are genuinely mad).

You’re offended by that? Well, too fucking bad.


2 thoughts on “Being Offended Is A National Pastime

  1. Don’t include me in this report. Apparently I am the offender. I called myself white on a comment for the Guardian news. I have never had so many people attack me for being so racist. I still do not know to this day, why telling people your white is racism.

  2. Apparently, whites aren’t included in the racist issue. Let’s face it, if you’re white you’re called a racist if you look sideways at someone. As for the Guardian, Leftists have no values or beliefs, other than retaining power and trashing anyone who disagrees with them.

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