Love At The Gym

A trip to the gym, once a solitary pastime, has now become a social event. It’s now possible to find love while losing the love handles.

Summer is prime time to work on that bathing suit body. In fact, gyms often see a spike in member attendance in the summer, which is good for your heart – in more ways than one. If you’re single and hitting the gym, why not try finding love while your heart’s already pumping?

As the music pumps in the fitness classes, so too do the young men and women, dressed in their tight pants and even tighter shirts, they twist and gyrate as if no one is watching. Today’s average gym might sound more like a nightclub, but these places of sculpting and toning muscles are fast becoming a young person’s alcohol-free hangout.

Younger members of the community are using the gym to socialise and meet potential partners as well as improve their fitness. Many women can vouch for the gym as a regular pick-up venue. Men see us at our worst with no makeup, so they know what they are getting, women say.

Always go at the same time. If you habitually go at 6:00 am, you’re destined to see the same people at 6:00 am. Try the after-work crowd if you’re looking for a partner who has a job. For singles the best time to come to the gym is after 5:00 pm, when the other working singles are working out.

Socialising at the gym is popular because young people can share common and similar interests. But, there is also an element of voyeurism at play. Exercise can bring out a bit of testosterone as the men get to see the girls stripped down and sweaty.

When asked to describe men at the gym, women said they fell into two groups. Firstly, there are the men who go to get fit and socialise with their mates. Then you’ve got the hardcore group who train hard with weights and look at themselves in the mirror. But some women were more interested in this “alpha-male” – the bloke lifting the most weights. This is due to an increasingly image-conscious society.

Exercise improves self-esteem and it improves how sexually attractive you perceive yourself to be. Exercise may help you feel better about yourself when you exercise regularly, thereby improving your confidence. It boosts energy and decreases depression. That fact just may give you the nerve to talk to your special person.

Exercise is good for your skin. That increased circulation sends oxygen-rich blood cells to your skin, improving tone and color. It improves sleep. The better you sleep, the better you feel. The better you feel, the more confidence you have. Benefits of exercise that may pay off in the romance department.

And for all the bodybuilding bachelors out there who want to meet and socialise at the gym, the girls have a simple message. Don’t try too hard.

Fitness isn’t made in a day. It takes time to get strong. It should also take time to approach that special someone.


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