New Squat Toilets For Australian Tax Office

Senator-elect Pauline Hanson has been up in arms regarding the tax office’s decision to install squat toilets at their new offices in Melbourne. The One Nation leader links the lavatory re-design at the tax offices to the demise of the traditional way of life in Australia.

“You won’t believe what the government and ATO are doing now,” she says. “Just when you thought our PC brigade couldn’t be any more backward, someone came up with an idea to put squat toilets into the new Australian Tax Office in Melbourne. Why? Because over 20 per cent of the ATO workforce in Melbourne come from non-English-speaking backgrounds.”

Ms Hanson said, “The question I pose is if they can’t work out how to use a Westernised toilet, how are they expected to work out our tax system and give advice to ordinary Australians?”

The government installed the squat lavatories in the tax offices after complaints were made about the unsightly state of the conventional ones. Some staff members had apparently attempted to use them in the squatting position. According to the tax office, about 20 members of its staff in Melbourne are from backgrounds that are more accustomed to the squat version, which is more popular in Asia.

Excuse me, but I’ve seen the result of squat toilets in India, and it isn’t pretty. All the ones I’ve seen have been indescribably filthy. They are disgusting and put faeces all over the place. Who is going to clean them?

Are we going back to the 18th century? What an absolute joke. How many of these people have squat toilets in their homes? Nil, I bet.

Western toilets are used throughout Asia. This is kow-towing to a handful of people who refuse to adapt to our way of life!

It’s just one more step towards becoming a third world country governed by Sharia Law. Ms Hanson is correct, if people cannot adapt to our toilets what else are they failing to adapt to?

Once a precedent is set, there follows submissions and demands for the same adoption in all government buildings, then schools, then public toilets, then all employment locations and offices.

Having traveled extensively through the Middle East and experienced first hand the horrors of squat toilets, this is a retrograde step.

So what’s next? How about we remove toilet paper and install a bucket and ladle. Better still, why don’t we emulate one of our largest ethnic groups and provide no facilities at all, and everyone can just go in the street, the local park or the river or beach.

We hadn’t realised how much we needed Pauline Hanson back. There are so many things that need sorting, she’ll require all of her 6 years in the Senate to make an impression.

So much bureaucratic, leftist bullshit to straighten out.


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