Muslim Migrant Ban Backed By Almost Half Australians

Federal Labor has cautioned against the findings of a poll showing almost half of all Australians want a ban on Muslim immigrants.

Forty-nine per cent of people surveyed in an Essential poll agreed that Muslims should be blocked from the country while 40 per cent disagreed with the idea. There was 60 per cent support for the ban among coalition voters, 40 per cent from Labor and a surprising 34 per cent from Greens voters.

More than a third felt Muslims did not integrate into Australian society as their main reason for supporting a ban, with some citing concerns about terrorism and lack of uptake of Australian values, the poll showed.

Labor leader Bill Shorten said Australia was an immigrant country and the future of the nation relied on people working together.

“Other than our First Australians we all came from somewhere else,” he told reporters in Adelaide.

“I don’t want to do is see this country scapegoating minorities for the challenges of the bigger issues.” It was the argument of “crazy fundamentalist” Islamic extremists to say Muslims couldn’t support western Liberal democracy.

“We would be playing into the hands of the crazies, of the fundamentalists, of those who hate the Australian way of life by somehow saying that that religion, Islam, is incompatible with western democracy.”

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson snatched headlines last week when she called for such a ban, saying that Australia was in danger of being swamped by Muslims who had “a culture and ideology incompatible with our own”.

The call was rejected by senior government figures including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who stressed Australia was the world’s most successful multicultural society.

Greens immigration spokesman Nick McKim said he had no doubt the majority of Australians were welcoming and open-hearted.

But the poll’s results were what happened when major parties capitulated to One Nation.

“They continually sidle over, cuddle up to Pauline Hanson and refuse to call her out,” he told reporters in Hobart.

He was not asked about the response of Greens voters.

Meanwhile, Mr Turnbull today announced Australia would keep its refugee intake at nearly 19,000 a year as well as including Central Americans in a fresh intake program.

From The Australian.


No, it is not that parties capitulate to One Nation. It is that they have capitulated to political correctness peddled by the green/left. The refusal to admit there are problems with Islamic extremism and lack of integration has led to this. You and your PC brigade have brought this upon yourselves.


Immigration policy must be reset in terms of risk management. Many cultures integrate and assimilate well in Australia. A few don’t. We have decades of experience and data that informs us of the difference. It’s nothing but sensible risk management to prioritise the former and curtail the latter. A government that fails to do so is failing in its fundamental duty to protect its citizens from harm.


This poll is the result of people becoming educated about Islamic practices. Only those who refuse to accept the truth or who are ignorant would support Muslim immigration into civilised countries. As awareness grows, expect the numbers of those who support a ban on Islamic immigration to grow. Woe betide any democratic party who thumbs their nose at the electorate on this issue.