Ten Reasons Why The Left Are Morons

Excuse me: are you of the Left? Then aren’t you ashamed by the moron movement that the Left now represents?

I’m sure you once thought being of the Left meant you were against fascists. But aren’t you embarrassed to find you are now exactly what you condemn?

How does it feel to be in a mob now burning books, torching cartoons, censoring videos, threatening companies, suing students and shutting debates with violence?

Here are 10 examples.

1. Two Liberal MPs — Tim Wilson and Andrew Hastie — were this month filmed debating same-sex marriage.

Their debate was very respectful, yet Leftists threatened the sponsor, Coopers brewery, forcing it to take down the video and join the Marriage Equality campaign.

2. Author Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whose filmmaker colleague Theo van Gogh was murdered by a jihadist, announced she was returning to Australia next week for lectures on how Islam threatens freedom.

This triggered yet more death threats against her, and now prominent Muslim women, academics and occasional ABC commentators have signed a petition expressing their “utmost disappointment” that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is being brought to Australia, vilifying her as “hate-mongering”.

3. Chief executives of 30 companies, including IBM, this month demanded the Turnbull government break its election promise to let the public vote on same-sex marriage, insisting instead on a politicians’ vote.

But Jewish LGBTI group Aleph Melbourne and former Greens candidate Rod Swift still aimed at IBM for employing a managing partner, Mark Allaby, who was a member of a Christian group against gay marriage.

4. Conservative Senator Cory Bernardi was guest speaker at a Melbourne event last month to discuss free speech and Islam, but protesters for 90 minutes physically stopped audience members from boarding a bus to get the venue.

5. One Nation leader Pauline Hanson was to discuss Islam at a meeting of conservative Jews in Melbourne last November, but police warned they could not guarantee the safety of the audience from the Left, forcing the meeting to be cancelled.

6. Labor and the Greens are blocking the Turnbull government’s reforms to the Racial Discrimination Act, even though it was misused by activists to muzzle debate on Aboriginal dysfunction and the politics of racial identity.

For example, it was used against seven Queensland students who had complained that an Aboriginal-only computer room at their university was racial segregation. Three had to pay $5000 in go-away money and three more were sued for $250,000.

Then the late Bill Leak was hounded by the Human Rights Commission under this law — and vilified on the ABC as a racist — for his cartoon noting the shocking levels of child abuse in Aboriginal communities.

7. Labor last week suggested passing even tougher laws on free speech that could make opposing same-sex marriage more dangerous.

Already Hobart’s Catholic Archbishop has been dragged to Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Tribunal.

8. Last week, Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young attacked the right of a “middle-aged white guy” like Senator David Leyonhjelm to say taxpayers should not subsidise child care for the rich, and Labor MP Graham Perrett questioned the right of “white fellas to be sitting having this conversation” about reforming free speech laws.

This is how the Left’s politics of racial identity is even used to ban critics from speaking on the grounds of their “race”.

In fact, the white leader of Canada’s Left-wing New Democratic Party last month deleted a Facebook post quoting Beyonce’s hit Irreplaceable — “To the Left, to the Left” — after Black Lives Matter complained that “appropriating Black culture is not intersectional feminism”.

9. Prominent social scientist Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve, was this month forced to flee Vermont’s Middlebury College after violent students screaming “racist, sexist, anti-gay” shut down his lecture.

Another academic was taken to hospital with neck injuries.

Socialist Alternative students at Melbourne University and Sydney University have also shut lectures by conservatives.

10. The ACTU’s new secretary is Sally McManus, who said unions had a right to break laws they didn’t like.

She has also endorsed a Greens-backed boycott of Israel, which includes boycotting Jewish academics from Israel.

Those are 10 more signs that our freedom to speak is being stolen from us by morons.

I say “morons” not just because the safe way to settle debates is to simply prove your opponents wrong — or learn you’re wrong instead.

They are morons also because they’re too dumb or desperate to even try to argue, preferring to settle debates with fists, threats, abuse, boycotts, race rules or the law.

You, on the Left: do you really want to be part of this morons’ movement?

Herald Sun